JMS Client using JBoss 7 – Point-To-Point Messaging

This example will take you through step by step on practical implementation how you can configure a JMS Client using JBoss Application Server 7.1.1. I won’t discuss theoretical part here but if you need to know JMS related various keywords then you can go through the tutorial at In point-to-point messaging system there are […]

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Spring Batch

Introduction Spring Batch is a lightweight, comprehensive batch framework It is designed to enable the development of robust batch applications It builds on the productivity, POJO-based development approach Spring Batch is not a scheduling framework It is intended to work in conjunction with a scheduler but not a replacement for a scheduler. Usages of Spring […]

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Bidirectional Many-To-One/One-To-Many Relationship in Hibernate

In bidirectional association, we will have navigations in both direction, i.e, both side of the association will have the reference to the other side. The both side of the association will implement one of the collection interfaces, if it has the reference to the other entity. In many-to-one/one-to-many relationship, multiple source objects can have relationship […]

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