Smart ways to optimize WordPress site

This tutorial will show how to reduce the CPU load on WordPress site. The fact is that you will never want a slow server which might affect your Google page ranking, a constant server crash or your web hosting company shutting off your site without warning due to excessive usage of CPU resources.

Here I will show you some of the important methods to optimize your WordPress site.

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Income Tax Calculation

Here I will show you how to calculate how much you have to pay Income Tax for a financial year if you have your Form 16 and if you know what is the Income Tax Rate. You need to know also what are the investment areas where you can save Income Tax. Of course there is a limit on investments. For example, the limit of investments is Rs. 1.5 lakh in 80C sections (it includes 80CCC and 80CCD sections).

Now when you get Form 16 from Organization, you see the Part A contains tax deductions on a quarterly and monthly basis and deposited to the Tax Department. So go to Part B where you see all your total gross salary, investment details and deductions.

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Form 16

We do service in private sectors, public sectors or Government sectors and for this we earn money & draw salary on a monthly basis. So it is our duty to pay income tax based on our annual income. Government has already defined tax rates slab based on income and this rate is revised from time to time in an financial year. Therefore while an Organization deducts a roughly calculated tax on a monthly basis from our salary, the final tax is calculated on a financial year from April to next year March months. At the end of the each current financial year everyone has to file an Income Tax(IT) where a Form 16 comes into the picture. A Form 16 draws every detail of your salary, investments and deductions so that it is transparent to you.

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Income Tax Slab Rates

It is our duty to pay tax when our annual income exceeds a certain amount of rupees. The income tax rates are usually revised every year during the budget.
In order to provide relief to individual taxpayers and to stimulate consumption and encourage savings and keeping in view the lower inflation rate, various deductions that are allowed to a taxpayer under Section 80C, 80CCC and 80CCD. You may be interested to read also Different sections in Income Tax

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Google column chart using Codeigniter

We know that Google chart basically displays different statistical data on different chart types such as column chart, bar chart, line chart, pie chart etc. You can have a look at the URL for more information.

In my previous tutorial the year value was always showing as 2k for 2010, 2011, 2012 etc. Now I have updated the code a little bit so that it will show the exact year on horizontal axis.

You can integrate Google chart with any server side technology but here I will show you how to integrate Google chart with Codeigniter. This tutorial shows step by step so that we can understand how it happens. It displays the data for Company Performance for last five years in bar(column) chart. You can also use other charts for any purpose. In this example I have used data coming from database. You can change the source of data as per your requirements.

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Codeigniter Full Outer Join Example

This tutorial will show you how we can use Codeigniter’s Query Builder Class to build join queries for fetching data from multiple tables.

The purpose of a join is to combine the data across tables.
A join is actually performed by the where clause which combines the specified rows of tables.
If a join involves in more than two tables then first two tables are joined based on the join condition and then compares the result with the next table and so on.

Here we will see Full Outer Join example. Outer join gives the non-matching records along with matching records. Full Outer Join will display the all records from both tables.

MySQL does not support Full Outer Join but we will simulate full outer join using Union query. Codeigniter’s Active Record does not support Union query so we will use db->query() to get results from MySQL.

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