Handling large data writing to Excel using SXSSF Apache POI

This tutorial will show you how to write large data to an Excel file using Apache POI using SXSSF. The theoretical text and concept have been borrowed from http://poi.apache.org/spreadsheet/how-to.html#sxssf SXSSF (package: org.apache.poi.xssf.streaming) is an API-compatible streaming extension of XSSF to be used when very large spreadsheets have to be produced, and heap space is limited. […]

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Java 8 Date and Time

The Date-Time package, java.time, introduced in the Java SE 8 release, provides a comprehensive model for date and time. Why do we need for a new Date and Time library ? Non thread-safe The existing classes (such as java.util.Date and SimpleDateFormatter) aren’t thread-safe, leading to potential concurrency issues for users — not something the average […]

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Java 8 Stream API

This tutorial will explain about Java’s new API called stream, which is introduced in Java 8 and included in package java.util.stream. The stream API supports functional-style operations on collection of elements or stream of elements in a collection. For example, you only want to print even numbers from a list of numbers, then you can […]

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