This tutorial shows an example how to add input types text, textarea and file to the form. For this example I have used here jquery for dynamically adding inputs, css for some basic style and html code.

We have select/option for what type of input to be added to the form.
We have one <span/> tag with id=”addField” for triggering add functionality using jquery.
Each dynamically added input field has exactly one <span/> tag for removing the added input field if not needed later.

Final output

jQuery add or remove form fields dynamically


jQuery add or remove form fields dynamically

By default, we have already one input type=”text” field in the form.

This is an example which shows how to add fields to the form dynamically using jquery and if you want you may customize as per your needs. If you need any help you can leave a comment.

HTML code

Here you see we have select/option field for what type of input you want to add to the form. We have <span/> tag with id=”addField” clicking on which adds the input to the form. We have already default input field in the form.


CSS Code

We have some css code for basic style.


jQuery Code

We have finally jquery for adding inputs to the form.


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