Consume jax-ws webservice

In this tutorial I will show how to create the Webservice client for jax-ws webservice. You can tell also how to consume the webservice.

A service has already been deployed into the server and we are given a wsdl file we can invoke the service from the remote area.


Eclipse 3.6
JDK 1.6

Before creating the client project you can have a look at the jax-ws webservice creating tutorial
We need to create a java project “jax-ws-client” and we already have a wsdl location – http://localhost:8888/jax-ws-ssl/hello?wsdl. You can also save the WSDL file and generate client from that.

Now we will generate the stubs or client from the http://localhost:8888/jax-ws-ssl/hello?wsdl

Now follow the steps carefully

1. Do “right-click” on the “jax-ws-client” project in Eclipse.

2. Go to “New -> Other”

3. In the wizard go to “Web Services -> Web Service Client”

4. Click “Next” and in the next wizard make sure the vertical bar is “Deploy Client”

5. Now enter the WSDL URL(http://localhost:8888/jax-ws-ssl/hello?wsdl) in the specified location or select the “Service definition:” using the “Browse” button

6. Click “OK”.

7. Click “OK” again

8. Now click “Finish”. The necessary classes will be generated.

9. Now create a main class which will be used for invoking the service. Please make sure the following things as highlighted in the screen-shot below.

10. The service invoking process in the main class is given below.


You will get the response as Hello Soumitra.

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