This tutorial shows how to generate zero-fill auto-incremented unique identifier in MySQL. Sometimes we need to generate such keys which are used in some part of the application for business logic.

Below example shows how to do that. I have created one table and also created one function. Function returns the zero-fill auto-incremented value from the table. Though I have used zerofill for key_id in the table but while I return the returned value is not actually zero-fill id. Hence it does not matter whether you zero-fill the id or not. But you must return zero-fill id from the function and for that I have used here MySQL LPAD() function.

Let’s see the code

Create table


You don’t need to insert these below values. Each time you execute the function the value gets populated in the table.


Here is the function which gives us the desired output


To execute the function


To get each unique identifier you have to execute the above statement everytime.

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