Integrate Spring 3, Struts 2 and Hibernate 3

This tutorial shows how to integrate Spring 3, Struts2 and Hibernate 3 in the following example. You can see also Struts 2, Spring 4, Hibernate 4 and Maven Integration

Download the required jars for Spring from, Struts from and Hibernate from

Create web application using Eclipse or any Java based IDE.

Please make sure you have the following list of jar files in your classpath.

spring, struts and hibernate integration examplespring, struts and hibernate integration examplespring, struts and hibernate integration example

Create Table in MySQL


Insert some data to the table


Create Hibernate configurations and Model class

Configuration file : hibernate.cfg.xml


Hibernate mapping file : Cds.hbm.xml


Model Class :


Spring Service


Spring DAO layer


Struts Action class


Struts configuration file – struts.xml


Spring Configuration file – Application Context


Web deployment descriptor


View files – index.jsp and list.jsp


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