This tutorial will show you how to configure RESTful server with Codeigniter so that we can create and deploy REST services with Codeigniter applications. Codeigniter Rest Server is a fully RESTful server implementation for CodeIgniter using one library, one config file and one controller.Requirements
PHP 5.4 or greater
CodeIgniter 3.0+

If you want Netbeans IDE based Codeigniter setup then please go through first

Download the Rest Server from link

Rest Server Installation

Extract the downloaded archive directory.

Copy codeigniter-restserver-master\application\config\rest.php file to Codeigniter project directory <project name> \application\config.

Copy codeigniter-restserver-master\application\libraries\Rest_Controller.php file to Codeigniter project directory <project name> \application\libraries.

Copy codeigniter-restserver-master\application\libraries\Format.php file to Codeigniter project directory <project name> \application\libraries.

Copy codeigniter-restserver-master\application\language\english\rest_controller_lang.php file to Codeigniter project directory <project name> \application\language\english.

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