ValueChangeListener example in JSF 2

This tutorial shows how to use ValueChangeListener to create dependent dropdown in JSF 2 and MySQL. I have used here JSF valueChangeListener which fires value change event when select option gets change. Any component that receives user input, such as one of the HTML select or text input components, can publish value change events.

MySQL database
JSF 2.2
Tomcat 7
JDK 1.6_43
jar files
valuechangelistener example in jsf

At the end of this example you will be able to see this output in the browser:

When the index.jsf file gets executed

valuechangelistener example in jsf
When you select the parent category and for this category if there is any sub-category
valuechangelistener example in jsf
When you select sub-category and press the submit button
valuechangelistener example in jsf
Now look at the below source codes.

Create MySQL database tables

Table – category


Insert some data


Table – tutorial


Insert some data


Now we will look into the JSF part Deployment descriptor – web.xml


Look at the view file – index.xhtml


JSF managed bean – I am not going to use faces-config.xml file so I have used annotation based configuration for managed bean.


Model –


Constant declarations –


Database helper class for database related common functionality


QueryHelper for database query


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