This tutorial will show you an example on how to test one of the features of webservice called language independence.

Webservice is a technology by which two or more remote web applications interact with each other over network/internet. It can be implemented using Java, .net, PHP etc.

Please go through the REST webservice created using Codeigniter framework Working with RESTful services in Codeigniter – GET example

So we will call the above REST webservice created in PHP Codeigniter framework using Java language. So basically the Java language will works as a client part of the deployed service in PHP server.

Please go through the below steps to create a REST client using Jersey API

Step 1. Create a standalone project in Eclipse. Modify the pom.xml file according to the below source code

Step 2. Create the below class to invoke the service method which is running on PHP server.

Step 3. Run the above class, you will see the below output in the console

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