Bookmark web page using Codeigniter and jQuery

This tutorial shows how to bookmark a current URL. We have already built-in functionality in most of the browsers and we can bookmark a URL there but it’s also like you have to go to the menu option. The below code do the same thing just in one click on the web page. User is given a link to bookmark the current URL on any web page. This application logic is written in Codeigniter PHP framework but it’s very easy to understand the logic of the code and you can use the logic in simple PHP also. If you have any doubt or query then let me know. Continue reading “Bookmark web page using Codeigniter and jQuery”

Username availability check using PHP, AJAX and MySQL

Sometimes we need to check username availability instantly before a user presses the submit button after filling a long-sized signup form. In this case we can use AJAX with any technologies like PHP, Codeigniter, Servlet, Struts, JSF, Spring etc. for checking whether the input username is avaialable or already occupied by someone else. So if we give instant result to the user for username availability then sometimes it makes more sensible than while pressing the submit button and goes top of the signup form to rectify the username input field if input username is not available.

This tutorial shows how to check username availability using PHP, AJAX and MySQL. So after finishing this example you will be able to apply the same logic to any PHP framework or any server side technologies. Continue reading “Username availability check using PHP, AJAX and MySQL”

Allow only numeric values or digits in a TextBox using JavaScript or jQuery

This tutorial shows how to accept only numbers or digits in a textbox using JavaScript or jQuery. Sometimes we need to accept only numbers for a textbox instead of validation then it comes handy. In this type of validation user will not be able to type a non-numeric values. This tutorial shows both validation and accepting only numbers in a textbox. This example also shows inline JavaScript function call with the input textbox. We will see each example one by one.

Example One – using JavaScript

The javascript function checks for charcode when a key is pressed in the keyboard and it check if it does not fall between 48 and 57 then it is other than digit. So we show the error message to the user. We call the javascript function onkeypress javascript event. You can also call this function onkeyup javascript function. Continue reading “Allow only numeric values or digits in a TextBox using JavaScript or jQuery”