MySQL Event Scheduler

This tutorial will show you how we can use MySQL Event Scheduler to schedule or automate some tasks periodically at a particular interval.

MySQL Events are tasks that run according to a schedule. Therefore, it is sometimes referred to as scheduled events. When we create an event, we are creating a named database object containing one or more SQL statements to be executed at one or more regular intervals, beginning and ending at a specific date and time.

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Precached images using JavaScript

Images often take several extra time to download from a Web server. If images change in response to user actions then we may want the same fast response that users are accustomed to. It may be an irritating while users are waiting for image(s) to be downloaded for a page. JavaScript comes to the rescue by enabling scripts to load images into the browser’s memory cache without displaying the image, a technique called precaching images. In this technique images load into browser’s image cache when the page initially loads. A precached image differs in some respects from the document object that we create using <img/> tag. Objects created in memory are not seen on the page at all but their presence in the document code forces the browser to load images when the page gets loaded. The Image object constructor function is used to create the memory type of image object as follows: Continue reading “Precached images using JavaScript”

Convert lowercase to uppercase in JavaScript

This tutorial will show you how to convert from lowercase to uppercase using JavaScript onkeyup event. There is an input box where you will type and onkeyup JavaScript event will call a custom function which will convert the lowercase letter to uppercase letter. onkeyup means as you type the function will be called and the letter will be converted instantly to uppercase. Continue reading “Convert lowercase to uppercase in JavaScript”

Auto populate input field using JavaScript

This tutorial example shows how to populate input fields in form automatically when a page is loaded or when a checkbox is checked. The below example has three fields and one of then gets populated when the page is loaded and another one of them is populated when checkbox is checked.

Sometimes we need to populate the input fields depending upon another field then it may be useful. So below example will give you an idea so that you can also populate your form fields according to your requirements.

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