AJAX example using javascript

This tutorial shows how to create ajax in simple way without using jquery or any other frameworks. It check first browsers and creates an XMLHttpRequest object depending upon the type of browser. Then we can use as per our requirements whether it is a GET or POST request.
Check type of browser and create XMLHttpRequest object




GET Request Example

A simple GET request can be written as


In the above example,
first parameter – type of request
second parameter – url
third parameter – asynchronous or not

The method send() is used to send the data to the server and it is used for only POST request.

In the above example, we may get cached results. So to avoid this we add a unique value to the URL.


If we need to send information with the GET request


POST Request Example

A simple POST request is written as


To POST data, we add an HTTP header with setRequestHeader().
We have to send the data in the send() method.


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