Calculate Future or Past date in PHP

This tutorial will show you how can you calculate either future date from a particular date to “plus a number of given days” or past date from a particular date to “minus a number of given days”.

Future or past date calculation may be required for various purposes such as to calculate the age of a person on future date or on past date.

I will show you this calculation in PHP language. If you need to calculate in Java please read here

We first need to setup an appropriate timezone otherwise php sometimes give warnings. I have set “Asia/Kolkata”, you can set according to your timezone.

$date_format = 'Y-m-d'; //date format
$date = "2015-02-25"; //date from which the next or past date will be calculated

$future_date = date($date_format, strtotime($date. ' + 280 days')); //future date after adding 280 days to the above date
echo 'Future Date : '.$future_date.'('.$date_format.')';
echo "\r\n";
$past_date = date($date_format, strtotime($date. ' - 30 days')); //past date after subtracting 30 days from the above date
echo 'Past date : '.$past_date.'('.$date_format.')';


Future Date : 2015-12-02(Y-m-d) Past date : 2015-01-26(Y-m-d)

That’s all. Thanks for your reading.

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