GEO location with HTML5 and jQuery

This tutorial shows you how to display the geographic location or Geo location of a user or device on a Google map, using your browser’s HTML5 Geolocation feature along with the Google Maps JavaScript API.

What is Geolocation?

Geolocation refers to the identification of the geographic location of a user or computing device via a variety of data collection mechanisms. Typically, most geolocation services use network routing addresses or internal GPS devices to determine this location. Geolocation is a device-specific API. This means that browsers or devices must support geolocation in order to use it through web applications. You may find about Geolocation here Google Geolocation Continue reading “GEO location with HTML5 and jQuery”

Nice Contact Form using jQuery

This tutorial shows how we can create a beautiful contact form using jQuery. The concept was taken from This contact form may be useful in situations like you want to put a contact us form on your website or you can also use this contact form for comment purpose for your blog. This contact form consists of four fields such as Full Name, Email Address, Website and Message or Comments. This contact form has been tested in Chrome, Firefox and IE 11.


Knowledge of HTML, CSS and jQuery Continue reading “Nice Contact Form using jQuery”

Add input fields to form dynamically using jQuery

This tutorial shows an example how to add input types text, textarea and file to the form. For this example I have used here jquery for dynamically adding inputs, css for some basic style and html code.

We have select/option for what type of input to be added to the form.
We have one <span/> tag with id=”addField” for triggering add functionality using jquery.
Each dynamically added input field has exactly one <span/> tag for removing the added input field if not needed later. Continue reading “Add input fields to form dynamically using jQuery”