Disable Bitlocker Recovery on Windows Startup

This tutorial will show you how to disable Bitlocker Recovery option in Microsoft Windows 10 Home edition. If you have Microsoft account and if you used the same credentials while installing or factory resetting your Windows 10 operating system then you can easily get the Bitlocker Recovery key using your Microsoft account. But the problem is every time you start your system you have to input the Recovery key and it’s really annoying or irritating. So here I am going to tell you different solutions to turn off Bitlocker Recovery in Windows 10 Home edition.

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Recover deleted emails in Microsoft Outlook Express

In this tutorial I will show you how to recover deleted items in Microsoft Outlook Express 2010.

Log in to your mail server or mail box

Go to “Folder” -> “Recover Deleted Items”

recover deleted emails in microsoft outlook express

Now popup opens and you will see all your deleted emails
You can see three icons on upper left corner
You can choose option according to your needs.