A guide to read excel file using Python

This tutorial shows a guide on how to read excel file using Python. We know that excel is great for generating reporting data. It also allows us to perform calculation on data, build complex formula which could be used to apply on different data. You can use this easily accessible excel tool to organize, analyze and store your data in tables. What’s more, this software is widely used in many different application fields all over the world and it also applies to data science.

We have seen various operations on excel files using wonderful API – Apache POI in Java technology and it requires few more code has to be written to read from or write to excel files.

But to read excel file using Python is very easy with a few lines of code. We will use a sample excel file here to read the excel file. You may also download the sample excel file through Google search and give it a try.

Let’s move on to the example…

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