In this post we will see how to download file using React and Spring Boot. There are situations where you need to download file from server or you need to generate report from database and download it. This example may help you in that situation. Here we will fetch records from database and download in a JSON format. As a server side technology we will use Spring Boot 2.1.5 and in client side we will use React JS.

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Eclipse Neon, Java 1.8, Spring Boot 2.1.5, Gradle 5.4.1

Download file from server using React

Example with Source Code

Please go through the section Example with Source Code in the tutorial Download file from server using Angular and Spring Boot for server side code.

Please note you have to update the CrossOrigin on Rest Controller class as

@CrossOrigin(origins = "http://localhost:3000")

Testing the Application

Run the main class to deploy the application into Tomcat server.

Also run the Download file from server using React to open in browser.

Once your application opens at URL http://localhost:3000 in the browser and the page may look similar to the below image:

download file

When you click on link or button for downloading file you will see below page with file save option:

download file

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