This is a ready made website with some basic features to get you started for building the full fledge website on fitness.

This website contains the following features:

  • It gives user option for subscription by entering their email to receive updates
  • It has header menu – calculator, exercises, contact, login, register
  • User when register will be a normal user
  • An administrator can make a normal user an administrator
  • An admin can see the details of registered users
  • A logged in user can write testimonial
  • Testimonials are auto-scrollable from bottom to top in the footer section
  • Calculator has dropdown menu – weight loss, muscle gain, maintain weight
  • Exercises has dropdown menu – upper body, lower body and whole body
  • User can contact using the contact page and admin can check & reply
  • All forms are server side validated. Subscriber field is client side as well as server side validated
  • Admin can manage users, subscribers, notifications
  • Logged in users can reply to the issues raised through contact page
  • Logged in users can update profile and set a new password
  • Pagination included for records displayed in tabular formats

Technologies – Python 3.8.0, Flask 1.1.1, MySQL 8.0.17, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript