This tutorial shows how to implement a javascript function which takes multiple ids and returns multiple elements

document.getElementById() only supports one name at a time and returns only a single node but not an array of nodes.

You have several different options to implement such function:

  1. You could implement your own function that takes multiple ids and returns multiple elements.
  2. You could use document.querySelectorAll() that allows you to specify multiple ids in a CSS selector string.
  3. You could put a common class names on all those nodes and use document.getElementsByClassName() with a single class name.

Using document.querySelectorAll()

someFunc(document.querySelectorAll("#myCircle1, #myCircle2, #myCircle3, #myCircle4"));

Using document.getElementsByClassName()

// put a common class on each object


Using Custom Function

function getElementsByIds(ids) {
    var idList = ids.split(" ");
    var results = [], item;
    for (var i = 0; i < idList.length; i++) {
        item = document.getElementById(idList[i]);
        if (item) {
someFunc(getElementsByIds("myCircle1 myCircle2 myCircle3 myCircle4"));
function someFunc(ids) {
    //do your logic

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