Username availability check using Codeigniter, AJAX and MySQL

This tutorial will show you how you can check username availability using Codeigniter, AJAX and MySQL. Sometimes we need to check username availability instantly before a user presses the submit button after filling a long-sized signup form. In this case we can use AJAX technique with any server side technologies like PHP, Codeigniter, Servlet, Struts, JSF, Spring etc. for checking whether the input username is avaialable for creating new user account or it has already been taken by someone else. So if we give instant result to the user for username availability then sometimes it makes more sensible than while pressing the submit button and goes top of the signup form to rectify the username input field if input username is not available. So after finishing this example “username check availability using Codeigniter, AJAX and MySQL” you will be able to apply the same logic to any server side technologies.

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HighChart using AJAX, Codeigniter

We know that highchart basically displays different statistical data on different chart types such as column chart, bar chart, line chart, pie chart etc. You can have a look at the URL for more information.

You can integrate highchart with any server side tehnology but here I will show you how to integrate highchart with Codeigniter framework. This tutorial shows step by step so that we can understand how it happens. It displays the data for site visitors log in line chart. I have also put a calendar for date-picker so that you can pick a custom range of dates and get the visitor statistics in highchart. The calendar has more features like you can select Yesterday, Last One week, Last One month etc. On mouse hover on the line chart you can see the visitors count on a particular date. Continue reading “HighChart using AJAX, Codeigniter”