Secure Joomla site using htaccess

.htaccess is a very ancient and one of the most powerful configuration files that controls the Web Server settings which runs your website. The powerful .htaccess file has the ability to control access of the WWW’s Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP) using Password Protection, Error Page Redirects, 301 Redirects, URL rewrites etc.

Now we will see how we can create a .htaccess file and put some directives into it to configure the security.

Create .htaccess file and put it under root directory of your project. If you are using windows operating system then you will not be able to create a file which starts with ‘.’. So you have to create the file from command(cmd) prompt using the command ‘mkdir .htaccess’. Then you can copy this created .htaccess file put it under root directory of your project. Continue reading “Secure Joomla site using htaccess”