Codeigniter, AJAX Voting/Rating System

We post tutorials, articles or blogs either to our own blog site or as a user to other sites. Sometimes we need to let user rate on our tutorials or articles or blogs so that we know how much that blog is famous or how much that blog is intended to be accepted by readers.

Here I am going to show you how we can implement a simple voting/rating system using AJAX, Codeigniter so that everyone will get an idea how to do it. In this example I have given one sample content on which you can rate this. The rating/voting system is calculated by taking average on accumulated votes on five stars. Once you give vote/rate from your system you cannot give vote or rate next time. As soon as you cast your vote or rate you can see it instantly the updated vote as well as you can also see what vote/rate you have cast. When you mouse over on stars you can see the highlighted stars on how many stars vote/rate you want to cast.
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