This tutorial shows how to read from a csv file and write to an another csv file. In this example I have shown how to read a csv file and display those values. I have also written those csv entries to another csv file.

Code snippets for reading a csv file


Code snippets for writing to a csv file


Sample data in read.csv file which needs to be read


Source code for reading from read.csv file and write to write.csv file


Output file write.csv file


That’s all. Thanks for your reading.

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2 Thoughts on “Read from and write to a csv file using php”

  • I have a scenario wherein admns from other departments can upload a (csv) file to server. Data structure is
    name,date,comments. Here in the details column, there may be many occurrences of comma.
    Tom,3/12/2017, Logged the data, ordered 14 pieces

    As you can see there is comma in the 3rd field.

    As a super user, I need to read the csv file,check this column and replace comma with another char and then load in mysql db.

    Can you tell me how to do?

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