Create an effective pagination in PHP and MySQL

This tutorial shows how to create effective pagination in PHP and MySQL.

When there are lots of data need to be shown on a page then the data grows at the bottom of the page hence the scroll appears. Most of the times it becomes very irritating to go to the bottom so pagination comes to rescue. Using pagination the navigation becomes effective and we don’t need to scroll the page at bottom. Using pagination we can go to the first page, nest page, previous page, last page and at a particular page clicking on the links. So this tutorial shows how to create effective pagination in PHP, MySQL. This pagination has first, previous, number of paging links, next and last links.

I will create everything what we need for the pagination. I will not explain each file but you can easily understand what I want to do in each file. If you have any question please leave a comment.

Create MySQL table


effective pagination example in PHP and MySQL
Insert some dummy data to test the example


Before proceeding next please look at the database connection tutorial

Common pagination functions are written in pagination.php


index.php file where the pagination example is displayed


Once you run the index.php. You can see the following output in the browser.

effective pagination example in PHP and MySQL

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